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[Buzz Korea] Indonesia Korea Week 2010 - The Most Excitiing Experience I've Ever had

Actually I wanted to share my experience about Korea Indonesia Week 2010 since yesterday, but because my assignments were pretty much i just write it now. Okay let's start reading! Enjoy...


Waaa i feel really happy to attend the Korea Indonesia Week 2010 this year. There are lots of fun and exciting events for everyone. The events was organized by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea with the cooperation of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of culture and Tourism Indonesia for a week starting from October 11 to October 17, 2010 in several different places. Although i didn't attend the entire event, i got a lot of experiences! Curious? Haha now i want to tell my journey about this event. Ah! The Schedule of the events can be seen in a previous post.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Indonesia Korea Friendship Sharing Concert 2010

Since the first day's location was to far from my dormitory, me and my friends -Weny, Dila, Ama- decided to come on the second day. That was Indonesia Korea Friendship Sharing Concert 2010 held at the Tennis Indoor Senayan. Actually, we ran out of tickets from the Korean Embassy, i've tried to take the ticket from ARIRANG and TVRI, but we did not get it. Due to information from TVRI if there are outdoor tickets, we tried to come on the D-day.

When we got there, SHINee lovers were ready with all their attributes. Feel a little bit uncomfortable with the outdoor situation, we didn't give up, me and weny looking for loopholes to get into, and finally we could get the indoor tickets! Yippiiii I‟m Really Happy! How lucky we are haha

When we came in, the event has already begun, the first performance was Saman Traditional Dance from Aceh Province. Well, here is the interesting thing, the dance performed by Korean children, they were sooo cute and adorable! The next performance was the Korean traditional dance, but i'm sorry i didn't know what its name, and this time the dance performed by Indonesian children. This is where the cultural exchange is shown.

Then the show continued with songs by Gita Gutawa and The Dance Company. At the peak of the event, the hosts, Adrian (Korea) who wore Batik and Nadya Mulya (Indonesia) who wore korean traditional cloth called Hanbok, announced SHINee's performance! The atmosphere was really really noisy by the screams of SHINee's fans. But their performances were very cool! They sangs 3 songs, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer and Hello XD

Since i was away from the stage, this is the only picture i could capture. :D

SHINee's Performances

The show was broadcast by TVRI on October 24 at 8pm yesterday. After the show finished, we went home  and get ready for the next more exciting event.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Culture Performance by BEAT

Okay, on the second day, we attended the musical performances by BEAT. This might be called a theater show *i don't know for sure what it's called* played by korean artist. Actually this is an invitation event, but once again we were lucky :D

The dresscode was Batik, so we wore batik that day to show the cultural heritage of our country to the korean people. And before the show began, the guests treated with a cup of hot tea and coffee and my favorite chocolate muffins, hey how do you know i love it! :D :D

Time to enter the theater, we chosen a seat in the front row. The event began with speeches, the host who wore beautiful Hanbok read the rundown in two language, Indonesian and Korean. The first speech by Korean Ambassador Mr. Kim Ho Young (김 호 영), he was also giving his speech in Indonesian and the second speech by the representative of The Minister of Culture and Tourism, since Mr. Jero Wacik, the minister, couldn't attend the event. Finally the show began, but i can only tell the outline because they didn't have dialogue, actually just a little dialogue ^^

So here's the story, there are 3 rockers who has orange hair, green hair and black hair. One night, they travel by car but they had an accident and died. Because the car was badly damaged, the car was taken to a repair shop and repaired by 5 mechanic and their boss. But, when the car was being repaired, the rockers spirits came because they don't want the car repaired. So when the car was dismantled by the mechanics, it returned again at the same spot by the rockers spirits when the mechanis didn't see. Finally the mechanics noticed the existence of the rockers spirits and because the mechanic was afraid, the car wasn't repaired and succesfully driven away by the rockers spirits.

What makes this story interesting are the funny and nice players and also the supporting music which is really perfect, everything was really fused. I think i want to watch it again and again haha... Ahh! There is one scene when the mechanic played our national anthem "Indonesia Raya" with steering wheel horn instruments,  very creative! They use the existing tools at garage to play the music. Good good….

After the is over, we take pictures with the players, let's take a look!

Thursday, October 14, 2010 KOREAN MOVIE SHOW
Waaahh, it's already the fourth day! And this is the third event that we visited. Korean Movie Show held at The Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia. So this thursday movie LE GRAND CHEF 2: KIMCHI BATTLE was played, started at 17.30 PM. Because we didn't get a ticket from embassy, we queue in front of the thater an hour before the movie started. But anyway we've actually queue from 16.00 PM to ensure that we got the tickets haha
So the story is about the Korean government held KIMHCI CONTEST to reiterate that Kimchi is a hallmark of Korea. Jang-eun, a famous chef in Japan, back to Korea to participate in the contest and also wants to close her mother's traditional Korean restaurant that has been established for many years. While Sung chan, a child who separated from his mother who are deaf, since childhood spent his early childhood with Jang-eun,, wants to keep Jang-eun mother's restaurant. He also entered the contest and agree with Jang-eun that no matter who wins will have the rights to the restaurant. In the end they both get in the Final, and the judges were surprised by the process of making kimchi from both contestants.

Watching this movie was really makes hungry!

There are 6 movies that played in a week, they were Secret Reunion, Le Grand Chef 2 : Kimchi Battle, Lovers of 6 years, My Wife Got Married, Hello Murderer dan Running Turtle. Each of these movies played 2 times at different time. Since we only watch one movie, i will give you the synopsis for another movie okay!

LE GRAND CHEF 2 KIMCHI BATTLE Oct 11 and Oct 14 17.30 (식객 2 : 김치전잭, 2010, Drama) Written and Directed by BAEK Dong-Hoon Starring KIM Jung-eun, JIN goo Running Time 119 min
The ultimate battle begins to find the authentic taste! Korean government holds a nationwide. Kimchi Contest. To reaffirm its position as the originator of Kimchi in Asia. Jang-eun, who is a famed chef in Japan, comes back to Korea to participate in the contest. She also wants to close
down the once best Korean traditional restaurant that her mother has been running for years. she’s never understood her mother for cherishing the restaurant more than her self and her own daughter. Sung-chan became separated from his deaf-and-mute mother and spent his childhood together with Jang-eun. He wants to keep the restaurant and propose competing in the Kimchi Contest and Jang-eun agrees that the winner will have the rights to the restaurant. Troughout the fierce competition they both go into the finals, where they have to find the tradisional taste of Kimchi. On the day of the final round, however, the juries a nd audience are very much surprised to see the process of cooking by the two natural-born cooks...

HELLO MURDERER Oct 13 and Oct 16, 19.30 (반가운 살인자, 2010, Thriller-Comedy) Directed by KIM Dong uk Starring Yu O Sung, KIM Dong Wook Running Time 107 min

Women are murdered every night it rains in a mysterious neighborhood, but the police don’t have a clue on the serial killer. In feaer of the murdered, the residents rally day after day in front of the police station, protesting against everything; from the expensive housing cost to the serial killer on the loose. Jung-min, a rookie detective on the case has secretly been studying to find a safe and stable job feeling that he’s had enough of being under scrutiny from his boss. However, he gets frustrated when his own mother, the head of the local women’s society, join in the protest. So as to defend his last remaining dignity as a detective and a son, he is determined to catch the culprit. But Jung-min plans are overturned by the out-of-job Young-seok secretly living in the neighborhood. Appearing out of nowhere after having been reported a missing person, Young-seok looks suspicious, but he is always a step ahead of the police investigation like Sherlock Holmes helping them out. He’s also become a thorn in Jung-min side, as he nitpicks on Jung-min’s every move. The chase to catch the murderer is on, as the unemployed Young-seok makes thorough investigation, and Jung-min working even harder to win against him on the case.

SECRET REUNION Oct 11 and Oct 14, 19.30 (의형제, 2010, Drama-Action) Directed by JANG Hun Starring SONG Kang Ho, Gang Dong won Running time 116 min

A shoot out in the middle of the city brings together North Korean spy Jiwon and National Intelligence Service agent LEE. The operation to capture an assassin spy known as ‘Shadow’ ends in disaster and the agent LEE is dismissed from his post. Ji won is also abandoned by his organization after being framed as a traitor. 6 years later, the two men run into each other but they hide their identities and decide to work together. As they live under one roof, they maintain a tight-rope tansion and gradually develop an unusual all the while trying to uncover each other’s true motives. However, Ji won received an order from the organization that brings out Shadow for another mission. LEE and Ji won must now choose wether to execute their orders or save one another from the inevitable.

LOVERS OF 6 YEARS Oct 13 and Oct 16, 19.30 (6 년째 연애중, 2008, Drama-Romance) Written and Directed by Park Hyun Jin Starring KIM Ha Neul, YOON Gye Sang Running time 113 min

Jae-Young and Da jin have been going out for 6 years. living next door, their sex is not so hot as before but they know everything about each other. Da jin doesn’t mind letting Jae young buy tampons for her. Jae young visits dae jin’s mother from time to time to do house repairs or just to say hello. For their 6 year relationship, those who have known Da-Jin and Jae- Young together have no doubt for them to tie the knot some da. Everyone that has known them for their six years as a couple thinks that marriage is an obvious next step. Even to them, their marriage is like adding a task on thingsto- do list. But their relationship as too intimate as a family-like begins to be chalanged by themselves. Moreover, their 6 year old relationship comes to the dreadful state of sexual bedroom; “too good to leave, too bad to say”. Jae young simply thinks marriage would take their stale old relationship to the next stage. Da jin seriously thinks finding a truly fulfilling relationship would serve the rest of her life. One day, a fresh young girl approaches Jae-Young while Da-Jin encounters a charming man through work whom she shares a lot in common with herself. When these new people bring fresh air to their lives, their old love
relationship starts to crumble.

MY WIFE GOT MARRIED Oct 12 and Oct 15, 19.30 (아내가 결혼했다, 2008, Drama-Romance) Written and directed by CHONG Yun-Su Starring SON Ye-Jin, KIM Joo-hyuck Running time 119 min

The innocent-looking Ina possesses an uncanny knowledge of, and passion for soccer, one that exceeds most men. She is a magnet to men and easily lures them into her bed. The more time Deok-hun spendswith her, the deeper he is sucked into her life by her extraordinary ways. Deok-hun inquires as to why Ina turned off her cell phone one day and is shocked by Ina’s brazen response that it was because she was sleeping with another man. In a fit of jealousy, Deok-hun breaks up with her. But the separation devastates only him. He cannot stop loving her nor give up the desire to possess her. After fretting long and hard, he comes up with an idea. He decides to marry her to put and end to her free love and sex. After pouring enormous effort into the relationship, Deok-hun finallysucceeds in making Ina his wife, but only in return for accepting her view on love. Sex every night, regularly watching soccer, and the great meals she cooks up make him happier than any other men. However, a crisis arises, stemming from his belief that he can possess her if they marry: She says she loves someone else. The minute Deok-hun thinks he can forgive her once, she shocks him again, saying she wants to marry another.

RUNNING TURTLE Oct 12 and 15, 17.30 (거북이 달린다, 2009, Drama-Action) Written and directed by LEE Yun-Woo Starring KIM Yoon-suk, CHOUNG Kyung-ho Running time 117 min

Pil-sung is a detective at a lazy countryside village. He takes bribes to take out competing prostitution ring and gambles his family’s lifesaving on a bull fight. But, when he does win the big score, fugitive Gi-tae comes along to take the money. Pil-sung chases after Gi-tae but the country cop is no match for the modern criminal. With several swift punches Pil-sung is knocked out cold. Fueled by the rage, Pil-sung gathers his posse and go after Gi-tae, but Gi-tae’s always one step ahead of them. Pil-sung is belittled by his colleagues and criticized by the villagers, only making him want Gi-tae’s head more. He manages to corner Gi-tae several times but he can’t quite finish the deal and his pride, honor and self-respect dissolve into him air every time he faces off with Gi-tae. Pil-sung doesn’t care about his money or the reward for capturing the fugitive. He only wants a chance to square off with Gi-tae fairly one last time and win back his honor as a police officer, family man and human being.

Saturday-Sunday, Oct 16-17 2010 TASTE OF KOREA FOOD FESTIVAL 맛있는 한국음식 축제
Okay, the fifth day and the fourth event that we attended. In my opinion this event was the most memorable event. Why? We'll see ;)

This time placed in Gandaria Mall.  At saturday, the KOREAN FOOD COOKING CONTEST was start at 13.00 pm and there were 15 contestants. If i could cooking korean cuisine, i would participate, because the grand prize was a trip to Korea for 4 days 4 nights! Wooww!

On saturday i didn't attend the whole event, i was just look at cooking contest which was also attended by Mr. William Wongso, i thought he was one of the judges. After the contest finished we could test the food, unfortunately i missed it :(

Then, on the upper floor, there were ceramic exhibition. Hosted by Korea Ceramic Foundation. All the ceramics was good, beautiful, you won't regret buying it. This exhibition also held a free ceramics making, but only until the ceramic forming process, for the next process like burning and staining, because the burning and staining process can take about a week.

Well, on the last day of Indonesia Korea Week 2010, the schedule was ENJOY KIMCHI that is learning  how to make kimchi for mothers and teenagers. So this is a place for anyone who wants to learn making kimchi. The first session for mothers and the second session for teenagers. Unfortunately i couldn't come to learn, because so many were willing to learn, but that's ok! Tasted the kimchi just enough :D

Because Korea known as a Ginseng Country, it's not complete if we don't taste the original ginseng (인삼) from korea. They provided here free for everyone.
Well, while waiting for the Kimchi, a quiz was held and whoever who can answer the question would get a present. The questions was easy for me because its related to Korea and that's why almost all people raise their hand. I didn't really want to answer, but when the MC asked "What is Ginseng in Korean?" i suddenly open my korean dictionary and raised my hand andthen answered "Insam!" then the MC said "True!!" Waaa i was really happy! And i got 2 boxes of red ginseng :D 내 사전 너무 너무 감사합니다!

Then the show was also presented the Korean traditional dance "Samulnori" and Taekwondo performance from Kyung Min University (경민대학요).

Besides, i also tried making ceramic thaught by the artist, because i was curious how to make it like Kim Beom did in Boys Before Flower Drama (꽃보다남자) haha

Finally the whole event finished, those are my stories and experiences with Indonesia Korea Week 2010 which is very memorable and fun. Hopefully Korea Indonesia Week next year more exciting and great! See you!

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