Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Vote your Favorite Team in Touch Korea Tour and win the prizes!

Touch Korea Tour is a campaign hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). Its goal is to invite fans of Korea to experience Korea together with 2PM and Miss A, while unlocking the hidden beauties and cultures of Korea.

The lucky winners of the Touch Korea Tour campaign will be assigned to one of three teams, together with 2PM and Miss A and will be given missions on their search to find the hidden beauties and charms of Korea.

Here are the teams...

 Fun Tour
Junsu, Min, Wooyoung

Gourmet Tour
Chansung, Suzy, Junho
Style Tour
Fei, Taecyeon, Jia

read here for more details

Finally the winners was selected and they have traveled to Korea for a week. Here are the Final winners

And now you can watch their experiences being a Touch Korea Tour winners here

After you watch the Touch Korea Tour Videos, chose your favorite team by clicking all 4 voting buttons including the FB and Twitter logos. You'll need to register an account in Buzz KOREA, then you can use that account to give 4 votes everyday. You can win a SAMSUNG GALAXY LAPTOP, a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE and a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB. The winners will be chosen randomly from all the persons who voted.

Hurry VOTE now! The event period is Oct 5 - Oct 15, 2012 (Announcement : Oct 23, 2012)

How to participate?
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[Buzz Korea] Korean Food - Budaejjigae (부대찌개) Spicy Sausage Stew

Last month i and my friends went to a korean restaurant at Lotte Mall near my house. We planned to eat Budaejjigae or Spicy Sausage Stew. We know budaejjigae from Korean Veriety Show 'Running Man' and it makes us drooling while watching it. So, after watching it, i did a survey to the restaurant and the waitress told me that they sell budaejjigae.

Budaejjigae consist of several ingredients such as ramen (instant noodle), sausage, kimchi, beef, tofu, Tteok (rice cake) and other vegetables stewed with spicy gravy. It also served with Banchan or side dishes such as kimchi, cucumber, omelette, potato, bean sprout, salad and etc.

 Banchan (반찬) : Cucumber, salad, omelette
Banchan (반찬) : Kimchi, potato, bean sprout, tuber

Maybe because i can speak korean a little, we were served by the owner of the restaurant itself who really kind to us while explained the food *am i too confident? :p :p* and of course i'm happy to speak korean with her.

So while all the ingredients except ramyeon stewed, she explained to us the steps to cook this food. After all the ingredients was a bit cooked she put ramyeon into the stew and mixed it with other ingredients and after about 3 minutes budaejjigae was ready to serve! Then she shared it into our bowls. 감사합니다!

We finished eat it in an hour because it was a very large portion for us.

And once again, maybe because i can speak korean a little, they given us a plate of watermelon for free ahh my favorite fruit! Thank you so much 사장님!

잘 먹었습니다!

[Buzz Korea] Korea Winter Travel Fair 2012 (3rd Oct - 7th Oct)

Planning a holiday to Korea? Don't miss this event!
Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) offers winter tourism for korean lovers by holding Korea Winter Travel Fair 2012 at Mal Taman Anggrek, Jakarta together with Korea Indonesia Week 2012.

 Face Painting

The exhibition has been going on since 3rd Oct until 7th Oct 2012. There are 17 booth travel agents and 3 airlines that is present in this exhibition.

"There are about 1000 package tour in Korea Winter Travel Fair 2012", said Kwon Jong Sul, Director of KTO Jakarta in a press conference at Mal Taman Anggrek Friday (5/10).

"The number of Indonesian tourists who visiting Korea has increased from year to year and reach 29% over the previous year. We highly paid great attention to the Indonesian market" said Kim Dong Il, Director of Tourism Product Team KTO.

Not only exhibition, Korea Indonesia Week 2012 also brings K-Pop Music Festival, K-Movie Festival, Dance cover competition Gangnam Style, Face painting like i did and many more.

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[Buzz Korea] Korean Culture Performance at Korea-Indonesia Week 2012

At Korea Indonesia Week 2012 on Thursday 5th Oct, there was Korean Culture Performance at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. At this event, 4 different groups presented the traditional korean percussion and dance performances. They were Noreum Machi, Ha Yong-bu, EDx2 Dance Company and Last For One.

Now, let's take a look at their performances!

The first performance was Noreum Machi - The Traditional Korean Percussion group.

Traditional Korean percussion group Noreum Machi is a highly original musical ensemble. Since its foundation in 1993 Noreum Machi has been trying to re-discover its traditional music that suits out time by communicating other kinds of music through the basic traditional Korean music without loosing its structure. The group takes its name from the term used by Korean minstrels to indicate a combination of skill and timing attained only by the best players. In competition "noreum Machi" would refer to the players so skilled that no one would dare follow. Noreum Machi has recently received a great deal of attention in Korea and around the world.  At the same time is determined to avoid being bound by the past and to communicate with audiences in here and now. Critics and audiences have called Noreum Machi a fascinating and future-oriented ensemble because of the way the artists connect with the audiences, the obvious pleasure they take in.

The Second performance was Ha Young -bu - The Drum Dance

Ha Yong bu (Center)
*I'm sorry for the poor image quality hohoho*

He danced a free dance with a korean traditional drum.
"Boemboo" in Beomboo Dance means "a common man". Interstingly enough,  this repertoire takes the literal meaning to have dancers performed without any elaborate props or instruments. Beoumboo Dance has been varied into several different types depending on the originilaty and characteristics of an individual dancer. Ha Yong-bu's Beomboo Dance involves a drum which quite shows its powerful spirit as the sound of the drum is getting infused inside the dancer's body and then gradually being laid out again on the stage. The slow movement in the first part of the dance picks more and more speed, later becoming rapid and energetic.

The Third performance was EDx2 Dance Company - The Contemporary Dance

last image by EDx2 Dance Company

I like their performance! They danced together with the music and the music was really perfect timing.
Choreographer Lee In-soo from the LDP Dance Company, established EDx2 Dance Company in 2010. EDx2 aims to discover outstanding original repertoire alive with artistic sensitivity and descriptive movements; and to meet its aim, it is open to other artictic genres such as hip-hop, contemporary dance, drama and mime, acrobatics, etc. EDx2 enthuastically communicates with the sensitivity of the contemporary audience and introduce a diverse spectrum of modern dance with both artistry and popular appeal.

and the last performace was Last For One - The Street Dance

Last for one internationally renowned dance performance team based in Soul, Korea.
Performing primilary in the medium of what's broadly known as "street dance" (which encompasses different styles such as b-boying, popping and locking), they are one of the most respected ensembles of their kind in the world. Since 2009, Last For One has been touring the world with the B-boying gala show "One Dream" and with "Soul Beat" that combines percussion music with B-boying. To date, the performances have been staged in over 30 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.

At the end of the show the four groups collaborated. This collaborations showed a mix of modern and traditional art that really good.

Thank you so much KCCI for the nice event! And also to all the artists who have given a very good performances. We are very glad if you come to Indonesia again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Hanbok (한복) Experienced - The Korean Traditional Cloth

How do to wear a Hanbok? Since last year, Korean Cultural Center Indonesia (KCCI) has always held a Hanbok Experienced twice a month. We are given an opportunity to wear Hanbok for about 15 minutes. And for 15 minutes we are allowed to take some pictures with the background provided there. And of course is free of charge XD

Until now i've tried four times to wear hanbok with different colors. The designs are very unique, luxury, beautiful and sexy. I felt beautiful and comfortable while wearing it.

The following step is a little explanation about its components and how to wear hanbok for women.
1. First, we will wear Sokchima (속치마) or white underskirt.

2. Second, we'll wear Chima (치마), a skirt with variety of colors, such as red, pink, blue and so on.

3. Third, we'll wear Jeogori (저고리) which is a short vest adorned with two long ribbons or Otgoreum (옷고름) tied.

Have you feel beautiful? Let us take some pictures!

With some traditional korean musical instruments, they are Janggu, Haegeum, Geomungo, Pansoribuk and etc.

Very exciting right? I love Hanbok! It will be great if i can wear it in Korea. So please chose me to go there XD

Monday, October 1, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Korean Keyboard Layout (Hangeul)

Hello everyone! In this post i want to help you in memorizing the Korean Keyboard Layout. For those who are familiar with korean letters or Hangeul (한글) definitely want to be able to type Hangeul, right? Whether it is on PC Keyboard, notebook or mobile phone. So let me introduce you the Korean Keyboard Layout.

The layout of Hangeul letters on the keyboard is not the same as the latin letters, for example the letter A button in latin mean the letter M (ㅁ) in hangeul as well as for the letter S in latin mean the letter N (ㄴ) in hangeul and so on. Then to type double letters like 'Double B' or 'Ssang Bieup' (ㅃ) in korean, press the 'Shift+Q' button.

For those who already know how to write hangeul, and when you are able to type hangeul quickly will feel that in typing hangeul, your fingers will turn left-right-left-right-left-right and so on. If you look at its structure, the consonant letters are on the left side and the vowel letters are on the right side. So, the left fingers is used to type the consonants and the right fingers is used to type the vowels. Easy right?

That was a little help to memorize the keyboard layout when typing hangeul. To make you easier to memorize it, there are many book stores that sells hangeul keyboard stickers nowadays, so if you live in an area where no one sell it, or if you don't want to bother looking for, you can purchase it here ^^

and here is my Hangeul keyboard sticker...

I hope this article can help you typing Hangeul, good luck!