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Let's Explore Korea! ~ My Dream Trip

Hello everyone! I am Nadia Astari from Indonesia. I need a little help from all of you who loves Korea. Now i'm joining an event held by KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) on buzz KOREA website. In this event, i have made an itinerary to trip to Korea, you can read my itinerary below. To win the prizes which is a round trip airline ticket to korea, i have to collect 'Like' for my itinerary as much as i could. So, all you need to do is just simply vote my itinerary.

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You can read my brief itinerary to Korea here :

My Itinerary:
1st Day
- Arrived at Incheon International Airport
- Go to Full House Shooting Location
- Go to Hostel in Seoul

After landing at Incheon International Airport, i plan to visit the shooting location of drama Full House which fortunately located in Incheon. I plan to go by bus from gyesan station to the ferry terminal, and then take the ferry to Sindo Island, then take the bus to Sido Island to get at Full House shooting location. I want to go there because Full House is the first korean drama i watched, it is a beautiful house with a unique and comfortable model, and a view of beautiful sea. I wish i could have a house like that. After visiting this spot, i would stay at Seoul Backpacker hostel.

2nd Day
- KTO Office
- Cheonggyecheon Stream
- The Story of King Sejong Museum

On the 2nd day i planned to visit some places that located around The Seoul City. First i want to visit KTO Office to wear a Hanbok at Hanbok Studio, explore the Hallyu Wave Gallery and take some pictures, and to get more informations about travel in Korea. After that i want to go to the amazing Cheonggyecheon Stream (that was once a dirty river and now it has turned into beautiful and clean stream) to feel the quiet atmosphere. Another place is the amazing King Sejong Museum, i want to explore and learn more about Hangeul History directly.

3rd Day
- Myeongdong
- Seoul Central Mosque

On the 3rd day I want to go shopping at Myeongdong to buy most popular korean souvenir and taste the Korean street food. It seems yummy, i want to try them all! Another destination, as a Muslim i really want to visit Seoul Central Mosque to see and experience the activities of Muslims in Korea.

4th Day
- National Museum of Korea
- Coffee Prince Coffee Shop
- Samsung Delight Shop

On the 4th day, i still want to get around Seoul by visiting National Museum of Korea, i want to see the museum that represent the Korea by the important collection of its historical objects. And then i want to visit Coffee Prince Shop to try the coffee and also take some pictures in the place which is one of the famous korean drama tv. After that i want to visit Samsung Delight where it showed the Samsung development of technology.

5th Day
- COEX Aquarium
- Olympic Park
- SBS Broadcasting Center

On the 5th day, still located around the Seoul, i want to visit some places where Running Man's missions taken place. The first is COEX Aquarium, according to my opinion the place will remind me about the funniest moments in the Running Man. The second is Olympic Park as another Running Man landmark, because it seem as a beautiful park so i want to relax and enjoy this beautiful garden while riding a bicycle. And the third is SBS Broadcasting Center because i want to see where the Running Man programs proceed.

6th Day
- 63 City Building
- Banpo Bridge

On the 6th day, i wanted to know how it feels to see the Seoul City sight from the height of 63 City Building. i wanted to explore this building because it is equipped with pleasure that can be enjoyed from the sky, land and sea by visiting the observatory called 63 skydeck, imax theater and 63 sea world. After that, i wanted to visit Banpo Bridge to see the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Show.

7th Day
- Namsan Tower
- Gyeongbok Palace

On the 7th day, i wanted to visit Namsan Tower to see the great view of Seoul from the top, ride the cable car, take some nice pictures of N Seoul Tower from the roof terrace at P2 level and buy some souvenirs at Gift Shop on the first floor. From Namsan Tower, i wanted to visit Gyeongbok Palace to feel the atmosphere of ancient Korea.

8th Day
- Dongdaemun Market
- Spa

On the 8th day, i planned to shop at Dongdaemun Market to buy presents for my family. After shopping, i like to relax at Jjimjilbang in The Seoul Leisure Sport Club.

9th Day
- Jeollabuk

In the last 2 days, i wanted to visit the city of Jeonju in Jeollabuk province to try Bibimbap, because Jeonju is famous for bibimbap.

10th Day
- Herb Hillz

In the last day, i wanted to visit Herb Hills in Daegu province to learn how to make ceramic and wood craft, see the green-tea garden and go to the Korean farming meseum. I planned to go by train from Seoul and stop at DongDaegu station, and then take a subway line 1 directing to Daegok and get off in Jungang-no subway station, then take express bus no. 2 or 704 bus in front of Jungang Cinema. Last, i had to go to incheon airport again to return home to Indonesia. Goodbye Korea, i wish i can go back and explore another spot again ^^

So, do you like my itinerary? Don't forget to like and pick, okay!

Thank You so much Korean Lovers!

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