Friday, September 28, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Introducing Buzz Korea

Hello Everyone! 안녕 하세요!
I am Nadia Astari from Indonesia. I'm so glad to know that buzz Korea hold another interesting event, because in the previous event i was not lucky enough to win, but that's ok! Hopefully i can win this time.

So, why am i posting about buzz Korea? beacuse actually this is a post to participate in the '2012 Buzz KOREA Awards'
In this post, i would like to introduce about Buzz KOREA and it's exciting events.

So, by register as a member of buzz Korea you can share your experiences, informations and knowledge about Korea and of course be able to participate in events with great prizes!

One of the events is '2012 Buzz KOREA Awards' where buzz Korea invited buzz Korea members to attend the awards and those who are selected will get the chance to join a special tour event 'Touch Korea Tour: Gangnam Style' to explore Seoul and Gyeongi-do province, and to attend '2012 Buzz KOREA Awards' with 2PM and Miss A!

What else are you waiting for? Let's Join now and buzz Korea to the world!

How to apply this event? hurry click here for more info!!

And i'll post my experiences about Korea in the next post, see you!


  1. Good luck Dear :)

    Hope you can be one of the winner :)