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[Buzz Korea] My Interest About Korea

South Korea, when i talk about korea surely are endless, too many experiences related to korea i want to share, and i think it'll be a looong story. But don't worry i'll make it shorter and this is my passion about korea.....

The first time i knew about korea four years ago *actually it was late already when compared to my friends who have known korea since they were in junior high school* from korean drama "Full House". It has a good story, it made me curious about the ending and the actor's acting ability -Rain and Song Hye Kyo- makes us, the audience, can feel the joy, sadness and even their cuteness, not only that, even the shooting location was also amazed me, korean drama lovers would know what i mean, yap Han Ji Eun's (Song Hye Kyo) house, located at the side of beach ahhh i'd love to have a house like that one day *dreaming*

image by Visit Korea

Moving from a drama, i began to want to know how korean language was. Because basically i am a person who love to learn foreign language and from this drama, i was curious about how to say "I Love You" in Korean. Hahaha...

Yap after that, i started looking for korean language learning through the internet. Slow but sure, i found several sites that teach korean language, start from the introduction of the letter and then read and write. i learned it all by myself, and i felt "it's really easy huh?" because only by learning it from internet i've started a little bit able to read and write Hangeul "wow it's fun!" that's how i searched harder the korean language learning in the internet, until one day, i was told by a friend that her sister was studying in Korea and she teaches korean language in an Muslimah Indonesia Community in Korea once a week via Skype! I was soooo happy at that time because i could learn from someone who already proficient in Korean. And i immediately join the community and learn korean once a week. Not only from her, i had a free korean language course near my grandmother's house, i also buy some books that i thought good and now my korean language skills become better and better :p I'm really happy! Now i can understand a little bit if there is a korean talk and come interact with them in korean! Yeay!
A lot of friends interested in learning korean language with me when they know i can speak korean hihihi and i was willing to teach them, so that there will be more people who can speak korean and it's good for my experience. :D

Korean Culture. Korean culture is very unique. I like the korean traditional cloth -Hanbok-. I wanted to wear them until one day i was informed that Korean Cultural Center Indonesia organized a 'Hanbok Experience' and i was excited to go there to try it out ahh Hanbok is really beautiful! Wanna know how was my experience wearing Hanbok? okay okay i'll share in the next post okay! :D

Food! Korean food has its own taste for the lovers. The ingredients, cooking techniques and presentation are different. Korean foods are famous for its variety of side dishes called Banchan (반찬). Many korean foods like Kimchi, Bulgogi, Kimbab which is famous in the world. Kimchi is the main ingredients of some korean dishes. I think korean food is very healthy and good for our body because it generally comes from vegetable and meat.

I've tried some korean foods like Kimchi (김치), Ramyeon (라면) and Budaecigae (부대찌개), are you curious about budaecigae? just wait for the next post okay! :p


 and also korean sncaks like Pepero (빼빼로) and Chocopie.
 Choco Pie

I've also tried korean street food like Odeng, odeng very tasty! Everything is delicious and addictive hahaha and fortunately now in Indonesia is not too difficult to find korean restaurants and korean department stores. Especially with the Lotte Mall near my house i feel like i want to buy odeng and kimbab everyday hahaha


There is one more thing that makes me more interested in korean, the last two years, the variety show tittled Running Man (런닝맨) has made my day happy after i watching it, is a bit too much yes, but i'm serious, watch running man makes me laugh and laughed until my stomach hurt hahaha they're all funny! In every missions they had to do, was show the audience many interesting and beautiful places that must visit, they also showed a variety of korean traditional foods that make us drooling. The missions that Running Men to do is very creative. I was impressed with their creativity. You should watch it too! XD

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