Monday, October 1, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Korean Keyboard Layout (Hangeul)

Hello everyone! In this post i want to help you in memorizing the Korean Keyboard Layout. For those who are familiar with korean letters or Hangeul (한글) definitely want to be able to type Hangeul, right? Whether it is on PC Keyboard, notebook or mobile phone. So let me introduce you the Korean Keyboard Layout.

The layout of Hangeul letters on the keyboard is not the same as the latin letters, for example the letter A button in latin mean the letter M (ㅁ) in hangeul as well as for the letter S in latin mean the letter N (ㄴ) in hangeul and so on. Then to type double letters like 'Double B' or 'Ssang Bieup' (ㅃ) in korean, press the 'Shift+Q' button.

For those who already know how to write hangeul, and when you are able to type hangeul quickly will feel that in typing hangeul, your fingers will turn left-right-left-right-left-right and so on. If you look at its structure, the consonant letters are on the left side and the vowel letters are on the right side. So, the left fingers is used to type the consonants and the right fingers is used to type the vowels. Easy right?

That was a little help to memorize the keyboard layout when typing hangeul. To make you easier to memorize it, there are many book stores that sells hangeul keyboard stickers nowadays, so if you live in an area where no one sell it, or if you don't want to bother looking for, you can purchase it here ^^

and here is my Hangeul keyboard sticker...

I hope this article can help you typing Hangeul, good luck!

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