Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Vote your Favorite Team in Touch Korea Tour and win the prizes!

Touch Korea Tour is a campaign hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). Its goal is to invite fans of Korea to experience Korea together with 2PM and Miss A, while unlocking the hidden beauties and cultures of Korea.

The lucky winners of the Touch Korea Tour campaign will be assigned to one of three teams, together with 2PM and Miss A and will be given missions on their search to find the hidden beauties and charms of Korea.

Here are the teams...

 Fun Tour
Junsu, Min, Wooyoung

Gourmet Tour
Chansung, Suzy, Junho
Style Tour
Fei, Taecyeon, Jia

read here for more details

Finally the winners was selected and they have traveled to Korea for a week. Here are the Final winners

And now you can watch their experiences being a Touch Korea Tour winners here

After you watch the Touch Korea Tour Videos, chose your favorite team by clicking all 4 voting buttons including the FB and Twitter logos. You'll need to register an account in Buzz KOREA, then you can use that account to give 4 votes everyday. You can win a SAMSUNG GALAXY LAPTOP, a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE and a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB. The winners will be chosen randomly from all the persons who voted.

Hurry VOTE now! The event period is Oct 5 - Oct 15, 2012 (Announcement : Oct 23, 2012)

How to participate?
See event details >>

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