Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Buzz Korea] Hanbok (한복) Experienced - The Korean Traditional Cloth

How do to wear a Hanbok? Since last year, Korean Cultural Center Indonesia (KCCI) has always held a Hanbok Experienced twice a month. We are given an opportunity to wear Hanbok for about 15 minutes. And for 15 minutes we are allowed to take some pictures with the background provided there. And of course is free of charge XD

Until now i've tried four times to wear hanbok with different colors. The designs are very unique, luxury, beautiful and sexy. I felt beautiful and comfortable while wearing it.

The following step is a little explanation about its components and how to wear hanbok for women.
1. First, we will wear Sokchima (속치마) or white underskirt.

2. Second, we'll wear Chima (치마), a skirt with variety of colors, such as red, pink, blue and so on.

3. Third, we'll wear Jeogori (저고리) which is a short vest adorned with two long ribbons or Otgoreum (옷고름) tied.

Have you feel beautiful? Let us take some pictures!

With some traditional korean musical instruments, they are Janggu, Haegeum, Geomungo, Pansoribuk and etc.

Very exciting right? I love Hanbok! It will be great if i can wear it in Korea. So please chose me to go there XD


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    Thank you!

  2. Dateng ke KCC ga apa-apa cuma liat-liat hanbok atau photo-photo doang

    1. Yap, gapapa kok, hanbok experience memang diadakan rutin 2 minggu sekali bagi siapa saja yang ingin mencoba memakai hanbok, dan kita diberi waktu 15menit untuk mengabadikan foto dengan ber-hanbok ria ;)